Please create a spreadsheet in your software of choice (Google Sheets, Numbers, Excel, etc.).

Create columns in your spreadsheet for each of the following:

Name Line 1
Name Line 2
Name Line 3
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Address Line 4
Address Line 5

Each row in your spreadsheet will correspond to one envelope, and each column will correspond to a line on each envelope.

Each cell in your spreadsheet does not need to be filled. Please be mindful of including only Names in the Name columns and Address Lines in the Address Line columns, as depending on your Collection design, these will be printed in different fonts. Refer to our photos in this listing for examples of how to format the cells in your spreadsheet.

Your addresses will be printed exactly as they are provided to us in your spreadsheet. Please ensure that all capitalization, state names, abbreviations, accent marks above letters, etc. are provided exactly as you'd like them printed (either spelled out or abbreviated). We will not make formatting changes.

You must format your spreadsheet to the above specifications. If your spreadsheet is not formatted correctly, we will email you as a courtesy to let you know of changes that need to be made. This may extend your timeline, as we will not send your order into production in your order until we have received your final spreadsheet.

We will not be responsible for formatting addresses (including both United States and International addresses), so please ensure that each Address Line in your spreadsheet is formatted correctly for mailing.

Please be mindful that zip codes starting with zero may have the first zero disappear. Change this in your settings to ensure that when exporting your addresses these zeroes are retained. Email us if you need assistance with this.

If a line of names will not fit on one line, we reserve the right to either make the font size smaller (as to better fit on one line) or to break up the line of names to two lines. Please be mindful of this when preparing your address spreadsheet. We recommend utilizing both Name Line 1 and Name Line 2 columns. 


Your addresses will be printed in the design/layout/fonts as the Save-the-Date or Invitation Card Collection design you've added to your order. Refer to the photos in the product's listing for an example of the address format. At this time, we are not able to make design/font/layout changes outside of the example that is provided in the product photos, though we will ensure that all script/block fonts match your cards.

The PDF proof of your suite will include your digital guest address design/fonts, as well as your envelope color and ink color, but you will not receive a proof of every address for every envelope. In order to minimize mistakes, we will not make changes to your spreadsheet.


Please export your spreadsheet in .CSV file format and email to (along with your order number)